About Introflirted

Introflirted is a weekly updated collection of lettered and illustrated flirty thoughts and sayings from introvert, illustrator, designer and handstand enthusiast Josh R. Higgins. The project is inspired by the funny and romantic things introverts think of, but never say or the things that introverts would love to hear from someone who understands them.

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What people are saying about introflirted

“Illustrator Josh Higgins clearly knows the way to an introvert’s heart.” – HuffPost

“As an occasional corner-hider myself, I laughed (on the inside, of course) at the countless ‘oops, that’s me’ moments that Higgins pinpoints in the drawings” – Forbes.com

“an adorable illustration and lettering project” – DesignTAXI

“finding a fellow introvert to fall in love with comes with a unique set of challenges, but if it happens, they’ll have Josh Higgins for perfect pickup lines.” – a plus

“Giving off just the right amount of flirt and faint affection” – Cupcast.com